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Bereavement Coaching for Healing

We are so sorry for your loss. Bereavement coaches offer peace, compassion—and hope.

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How a Bereavement Coach can support you

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Feel your feels and take your time
We see you. What you’ve been through has been tough, and we will be here to help you every step of the way, even when you just want to sit within the sadness for a while. Our expert bereavement coaches can help you come up with techniques to honor that emotion, and when you’re ready, they will be there to move forward with you, at your own pace.
Reconciling relationships, boundaries, and communication
Before your loss, you may have started visualizing the future, developed new relationships, adjusted old ones, and started making plans. Now, how you manage those same relationships and alter the plans you set in motion may be triggering. With a bereavement coach, you’ll be able to create a new plan, setting comfortable boundaries for yourself and others so that you may begin to move forward feeling fully supported.
Moving forward—thoughtfully, gracefully, and stronger than ever before
Closure. It’s not an easy thing to fathom when you’re in the fog of grief and pain. And we know, it takes time to get there. With our supportive coaches, you can devise a plan for moving forward with an action plan and a positive outlook. There’s no rush to or through closure, and we will be with you every step of the way.
Remembering, intentionally
Part of grieving a loss can be intentionally honoring it through practices, rituals, or affirmations. Our bereavement coaches can help you discover ways to remember your loss that feel aligned with your journey while you also make progress to overcome and heal your mind, body, and spirit.

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Meet our Bereavement Coaches:

  • Elizabeth King

    Elizabeth King

    miscarriage, pregnancy loss
    I AM A:
    Fertility Coach & Bereavement Coach
    I am invested in every client’s outcome, and I sincerely want them to get to their goal whatever that may be. That they know they have someone in their corner who gets them is priceless.
  • Lisa Barner

    Lisa Barner

    full spectrum support on the life/death axis, miscarriage and pregnancy loss
    I AM A:
    Bereavement Coach and Intuitive Healer
    I am honored to walk alongside my clients' journeys—supporting them, offering reflection and perspective as well as healing techniques that soothe the physical, mental, subtle/energetic bodies.

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