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our wellness experts

Our growing community of maternal health and wellness experts is essential to realizing our mission to bring greater awareness, knowledge, and a sense of empowerment to everyone during the entire family building experience.

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    Of course it is possible these days to join online groups or Google things when I have new mama questions, but knowing there was a specific expert I could ask my questions to really made me feel more confident and that I was getting the personalized answers and support I needed.

    Carolyn B., new mom

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    The service was worth the money—to get personal, simplified advice. Don’t waste your time stressing and spinning your wheels trying to figure it out when you can have a relatable expert lay it out for you.

    Morgan S., new mom

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    I was struggling with an inadequate milk supply, and I needed HELP! As a first time mama, I was so overwhelmed with supplementing and infant weight gain. Our appointment with Morgan was integral to our breastfeeding journey! We truly went over so much, I couldn’t imagine where we would be without her suggestions! Morgan even reminded me that every drop of breast milk I could give my daughter is given with love! I have made peace with topping up! I couldn’t recommend Morgan enough! Thank you, again!!

    Meg C., new mom

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    I left my session with Janine feeling informed, relieved, and empowered. I made the appointment with a specific health goal in mind: to set myself up as best as possible for good mental health postpartum. Janine was so well prepared for that conversation! She was reassuring while simultaneously giving me a ton of fantastic information that I had never previously been exposed to. More than just suggesting various alterations and additions to my diet, though, Janine also checked in about my lifestyle generally, including asking about how my family would feel about making the changes we'd discussed together. It felt clear that she could help me truly thrive postpartum—by both supplying the appropriate nutritional information and helping me prepare supportive habits. A huge "thank you" to Expectful for giving me that great experience!

    Jill M., expecting mom

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    I thought it was very helpful to have an easy one on one session with an expert instead of reading information online! Having someone listen to my exact experience made all the difference!

    Lauren M., new mom


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